My name is Duke Davis. Well, it’s not really, but that’s what I shall go by on the intertron. I’m a handsome young man in his early 20s who likes videogames, sports (both Boston-area and fantasy), movies, certain specific TV shows, and even more specific music. I don’t necessarily hate too much, just a lot of things that piss me off because I’m a petty asshole. I can’t tell you where exactly I am right now, not because I don’t want to, but it’s hard to pinpoint. Perhaps I’m in Boston, or perhaps I’m on the Cape? Or perhaps I’m in Allston or Brighton, which is right next to Boston and is generally considered part of the city? It’s a mystery!

But yeah, I’m the founder, president and, as of now, only member of Son of Sanshiro Ltd, a production “company” that hopes to bring you numerous fun games and shows and movies and whimsy. The project closest to completion is a LucasArts-style adventure game tentatively titled SpaceGang FutureMasters 2000. For more information, consult the post entitled “Welcome… to the Future!” on August 21st, 2006.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t say “the first post” and why I constantly refer to “The Old Site” in said post, I used to run a similarly-styled page on Livejournal sometimes called 140.85, other times called The Bad Street Herald, depending on the time of the year. I’ll keep it up, bu I don’t know how long LJ will keep it up. It’s at http://samsanov316.livejournal.com but most of the worthwhile articles have been reposted and backdated here. So unless you’re interested in pithy personal details about me and my fantasy teams, it’s probably not worth your time.


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